Investing made simple in Real Estate

The complete solution to self-issue, distribute & manage Digital Securities (Security Tokens) at scale and in compliance with regulation

Investing made simple in Enterprises

The complete solution to self-issue, distribute & manage Digital Securities (Security Tokens) at scale and in compliance with regulation

Investing made simple with Digital Securities

The complete solution to self-issue, distribute & manage Digital Securities (Security Tokens) at scale and in compliance with regulation

Easier, faster
& cheaper investments

Tokenestate enables businesses to self-issue Digital Securities (aka Security Tokens) and to digitally manage investors relations to make investing easier, faster & cheaper.

With Tokenestate, businesses can:

  • Easily issue financial securities
  • Sell in Switzerland & abroad
  • Comply with financial regulation
  • Allow investors to buy & sell securities
  • Manage investor relationships digitally

At Tokenestate we’re in digitizing investors & investments.

What is a Digital Security?

A Digital Security (aka 'Security Token' or 'Jeton d'investissement') is the representation of a regulated financial security by means of a digital asset on a blockchain. Instead of being represented using a piece of paper, or registered in a centralized database, the security is associated with a 'token' on a public blockchain such as Ethereum.

In Switzerland, self-issuance of uncertified securities is unregulated. Swiss companies are free to use any technology to maintain their shareholder register, and can use the blockchain to do so, as long as they comply with applicable regulation, in particular Securities and Anti-Money Laundering regulation.

Why are Digital Securities
(aka Security Tokens)
a game-changer?

Scale fundraising operations

Directly raise funds from thousands of investors by automating away back office operations, such as conducing share issuances and maintaining shareholder registries.

Smaller investment tickets

Raise capital from retail investors across geographies and accept small investment tickets. Access to a much wider pool of capital, leverage user bases and social media communities.

Integrated compliance

Automatically comply with applicable securities & anti-money laundering regulation with compliant processes integrated in the issuing platform and underlying smart contract.

Expanded geographical reach

Raise capital internationally from retail and qualified investors, distribute your digital securities through retail banks and brokerages.


Digital Securities built using public blockchains are supported by an ecosystem of 3rd parties’ solutions such as blockchain wallets, search engines and institutional custodianship solutions.

Secondary market

Regulated entities can organize the secondary exchange of Digital Securities, enhancing liquidity and ultimately the valuation of your Digital Security

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Tokenestate Platform

Structuration & Legal

Structuration & Legal

Get support to structure the issuing company, the Digital Security issuance and obtain all the legal documentation, such as the Prospectus & the Investment Agreements.

Investor Account

Investor Account

Provide your investors with a self-branded user account protected by password and 2FA identification, for them to access documentation, place investment orders and more.

Investor Onboarding

Investor Onboarding

Efficiently identify and process investors before enabling them to invest. Conduct compliant KYC & AML checks on the funds contributed to the fundraise.

Issuer Account

Issuer Account

Efficiently manage investors, investor orders and funds through a dedicated Issuer space. Send personalized notifications to investors, establish a real time investor register and more.

Digital Security Issuance

Digital Security Issuance

Setup of the required Ethereum (ERC 20) smart contract to enable the issuance and lifecycle management of the Digital Security. Integration with hardware wallets and 3rd party services.



Connect the Tokenestate Platform to leading CRM solutions to follow-up with off-line & on-platform investor interactions, send newsletters, do email automation and more.

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Tokenestate is a Swiss FinTech & LegalTech company. Our mission is to make investing in private companies and real estate easier, faster and cheaper.

Thanks to our Software-as-a-Service solution integrating blockchain technology and compliant processes, private companies can raise funds directly from thousands of investors digitally.

Tokenestate - investing made simple.

Our team

The Tokenestate team is composed of highly experienced professionals in the field of entrepreneurship, finance, IT systems and real estate. We have been working at top international companies and in high tech startups before launching Tokenestate in 2017.

Digital Securities are disintermediating brokerages, investment banks and exchanges. It is a mega-trend in finance no one can afford to ignore.

Vincent Trouche

Chief executive officer

Yousri El Antri


Anne Marie Jolivalt

Product Design

Camille Perrin

Client Services

Pavlo Grydzhuk

Front End Dev

Advisory Board

Florian Ducommun

Expert in Digital Securities

Cyril de Bavier

CEO of Swissroc Real Estate

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