Disrupting Real Estate Investing:

Real Estate Tokens

Real estate investing is ready for disruption

Real estate is the biggest asset class there is. Yet investing in real estate remains an woefully inefficient. Publicly listed funds are expensive to setup, and only provide a very wide geographical exposure, often at significant premiums. Private investments are often paper-based, illiquid and require significant minimum ticket. It’s time we revisit how people and institutions invest in real estate - and bring real estate investing to the XXIst century.

Why real estate tokens?

Real estate tokens are digital securities - financial instruments represented using blockchain tokens - granting exposure to an underlying real estate asset or real estate development project. With real estate tokens have all the benefits of digital securities: they are cheap to issue, can be sold directly to investors, and help provide much needed liquidity.

Investing in real estate developments

Real estate developments projects provide attractive returns, yet are not easily accessible to retail investors. Tokenestate is working with real estate developers to issue Real estate token granting exposure to the equity component of real estate renovation and new building development projects.

Democratizing real estate ownership

Real estate assets are the base component of any investment portfolio. Properly leveraged and leased, they are a stable investment vehicle and provide concrete certainty in a world of volatile returns. Tokenestate is working to create Real estate tokens grant exposure to the equity component of real estate assets, and can easily issued, distributed and exchanged.

Tokenestate Demo platform

Tokenestate is building a security token platform to invest in real estate. Through the Tokenestate platform retail and qualified investors throughout the world will have access to real estate investment opportunities, both in development projects and existing assets, in various countries. The Tokenestate Demo Platform is a prototype of our final product.


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